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Becky says: Trying to prepare

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It's amazing the motivation you get, once you realize your mobility will be taken away.

I have ACL reconstruction surgery coming up and accordingly, have gotten all my Christmas shopping completed, our Christmas tree is up and decorated, and several meals are now cooked and in the freezer.  (but I have a million more to cook)

Also, I have been crazy faithful to my workouts.  My doctor informed me the stronger I go into the surgery, and the more mobile I am - the better the recovery.  I've been lifting, swimming and still do my interval classes with some modifications.  Soccer, unfortunately, is off the list ... and will be for awhile.  I hate missing a day - because soon I won't be able to swim, lift or do any of the exercises in interval class.  ... completely bums me out.  

I don't do "still" well.

If only I could find this same motivation, without pending surgery.