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Becky says:.... mm mm the smell of popcorn.

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Ever notice how popcorn pretty much sells itself?

You could be happily working away - avoiding any and all cravings, just drinking some water - then BAM, someone makes popcorn and it's all over.

That smell gets me every single time.  I don't necessarily run out and buy some in the break room, but man does it make it hard to keep drinking that water and not, instead, devour a bag of popcorn.

The worst is in a movie theater - avoiding popcorn there is just pointless.  No need to even put the effort forth.  ...Oh, and load on the extra butter.   No, I don't go to the movies often - otherwise I'd have to run 10 miles a day!

OK, back to work.   Drinking my water, telling myself it's a taste delight, while someone else enjoys that spectacular smelling popcorn.