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Becky says: Gettin' a new ACL tomorrow

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Tomorrow I go under the knife to get a brand new ACL!  Yay me.  Took a hit to the side of my knee during a soccer game ... and for a brief moment, my knee bent in a direction it shouldn't.

It's amazing as time has gone by, how good my knee feels.  It's odd to think I need surgery - and put myself back into pain on purpose, for something that doesn't hurt that bad right now.  Of course, I get that it's needed ... just not really looking forward to it.

Decorations are up.  Christmas gifts wrapped.  Laundry is done.  House clean.  Chicken grilled and homemade chicken vegetable soup made, frozen, and ready to be zapped in the microwave when needed.  This way, my husband can focus on our 3 year old and the house and will not have to add anymore to his list than necessary.

I'll be back in just under 2 weeks.   'til then - hope you all get through the final weeks of holiday preps without too much stress, and I'll see you back on Fox 21/27 at 10p the week before Christmas!