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Becky says: Anchoring and pillows

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First day back to work after getting my new ACL ... and my co-workers rock!  We may have looked like a 3 ring circus trying to get me into the chair and piling pillows on top of a stool to prop my knee up - but in the end ... Success!

Just shy of 2 weeks since having the ACL reconstruction surgery, and I can tell you it was quite empowering to walk out of my house and get into the DRIVER'S seat of the car and drive myself to physical therapy, then work.  I'm lucky, I hurt my left knee ... if it was my right, I would likely have to wait longer until I could drive.

The other day at physical therapy, I actually walked with no crutches for several feet!  It was exciting and at the same time, I have to admit, a little bit frustrating since I had just been playing soccer 6 weeks earlier. 

So far, so good!  Once I can shed this brace ... life will be great!