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Roanoke Valley Pound Audit Finds no Misappropriation of Funds

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The city of Roanoke's municipal auditor found no misappropriation of funds in his final report on the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection, but outlined several concerns with record keeping by the pound and the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

First the positives:

-The audit found that over the past seven years, the RVSPCA left $53,000 in the pound's bank account that it contractually could've taken for its own.

-The RVSPCA's animal behaviorist and volunteer coordinator did important work for the pound with no reimbursement.

-The RVSPCA did a good job with adoptions and getting lost animals back to their owners.

Then there were the concerns:

-In 2005, the auditor found that the city of Roanoke donated the RVSPCA a pick-up truck that it never used.  In fact, the audit states that taxpayers picked up a $1,979 repair bill on the truck in 2009.

-Pound staff worked long hours in 2008 relocating the RVSPCA's pet cemetery with time worked that was never documented and could not be reasonably estimated.

-Taxpayers paid severance packages for a pair of ex-Regional Center employees, one for $17,500, and the other for $2,500.  The audit states part of the agreement required those former employees to keep quiet about the severance pay and that the pound's advisory board never knew about any of it.

The report includes a response from the RVSPCA where it highlighted the positives; acknowledged that it should've worked to keep the books in better order; and expressed concern that the audit took too long, which hurt the non profit organization with donors.