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Rainfall Will Ease Drought Conditions

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2012 was known for a lot of things, including the horrible drought. Smith Mountain Lake dropped about five feet because of the lack of rain, and even farmers struggled to keep their fruits and vegetables healthy. Finally, some much needed rain fell throughout the viewing area over the last 24 hours.

"We have seen more rain with this system than the entire month of December or as we saw in November as well," says Fox 21/27 meteorologist Alyssa Corfont.

She says this rain is going to be a tremendous help.

"The latest drought monitor had almost the entire area under a drought risk," Corfont says. "I think we will see that trimmed down to abnormally dry when the update comes out."

And while the rain soaked roads and the ground, it won't necessarily make up for everything we lost last year. So how much will several inches help?

"We ended 2012 with 10 to 15 inches of a deficit in some areas, as far as our rainfall totals go, so it is not going to make up for it all at once, but people will notice changes at the lake, river levels, in creeks and streams, even color of the grass will improve after this," Corfont says.

She says the outlook is promising, and this won't be our only chance for rain in the coming weeks.

"It does look like it is going to be a little active over the next few weeks. I think this is a big system, and will we see this again more than likely not. This is the biggest system we have seen at one time," she says.

And while it may not be a ton of rain, for many people, something is better than nothing.