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Becky says: Ready to ditch the swagger

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It's been 7 weeks since I tore my ACL playing soccer and it has been a journey ... one that requires some serious patience.   I don't do the whole 'sitting still' thing well - at all.  

I have a love/hate relationship with physical therapy.  Love that it's getting me back up on my feet ... but not so much a fan that it pretty much consumes my time and, wow, can it hurt!

I can't wait to leave a killer workout, pouring sweat and going off about how hard it was!  Right now, just working on trying to walk normally.  It's not that my knee hurts (most of the time) but I can't get it to completely straighten or completely bend, so I have a sort of dip when I put weight on my left leg.  Let's just call it my new swagger.

A swagger I will be happy to ditch.