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Becky says: Wow, dad is STILL right?!

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After blogging yesterday, about the last time I talked to my dad ... I figured today, on the anniversary of his death, I would talk about how ridiculously cool my dad, Bob Freemal, will always be.

He's gone ... but memories of him are a constant reminder of how great of a dad, husband, teacher, grandpa, friend etc. he was, and again ... is.

He taught and coached at La Salle High School in Cincinnati.  It's an all-male school in Cincinnati.  His career began the second year the school opened.  Accordingly, he taught fathers and sons.  And now, even though he's gone, he still a part of La Salle with a scholarship listed under the "Legacies of La Salle."  Anytime I meet someone from LaSalle, the stories they share about "Coach Freemal" always involved some way dad didn't put up with any someone's bull ... and ALWAYS make me laugh out loud.

He was no-nonsense and at the same time always laughed and goofed off all the time.  Family pictures crack me up ... we played football, went sledding ... Etc.

When my sister had her children - he stopped everything to help, was willing to stay up all night and there wasn't a diaper that could make him flinch even the slightest.  Unfortunately, by the time my little guy was born, dad was already gone.

I hear from time to time how something I say or something I do reminds my dad's friends of him.   Now, I can say the same about his grandchildren ... it's fun to see little Bob personality traits come out in them from time to time.  Whether it be a little Bob Freemal temper, or his goofiness. 

Oh, and let me add some irony ... Buying gifts for your dad can prove difficult at times, and when you find the perfect gift you seem to give 10 different variations of it for the next several birthdays and holidays.   Here we are 9 years later -- and I found the perfect gift for him the other day in, of all places, the Skymall magazine ... a T-shirt that reads "Of course I'm right.  I'm Bob."

Hmmm, you know, I think dad found a way to send that little reminder ...