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Cave Spring Middle School Officially Reopens

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For Lawton Casey, it was a walk down memory lane.

"We had a two lane highway from Apperson Drive to Cave Spring High School," Casey said.

Like many, her first look at the new memory wall at Cave Spring Middle School which she attended in the early '60s as Cave Spring High School brought back plenty of good times from the past.

"My fondest memories were the Friday night football games," Casey said. "You could look out the window on Friday afternoon and see the fathers on riding mowers cutting the grass on the field and lining it."

Even though students have been back in the school since the fall, leaders cut the ribbon on the 132,000 square foot revised building Sunday afternoon. It includes updated technology, classrooms, and more windows.

"There's a lot more windows, it used to be all enclosed," said Jessica Lachowicz, an 8th grader.

But along with the changes, school leaders left some of the old school behind, like the gymnasium, although it does boast new windows and an upgraded floor.

"It tells me how much the world has changed now and it's basically just so amazing how we've just advanced," Lachowicz said.

"We still have memories of the old school and we always will, but it's great to see what will be here for the children of the future," Casey said.

It is a school that is writing a new script, while leaving some of the old one behind.