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Becky says: Did you like the Super Bowl commercials?

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What did you think of the Super Bowl commercials?  With prices at $4 million for a 30 second spot ... I have no doubt companies hope you remember their spot AND you plan to spend some money with them.

If you missed the commercials, or want to check them out again, click on this USA Today link with the ads.

I didn't get to see all of them ... who does when you have a 3 year old running around?!  But, I did like the Taco Bell commercial with the older generation wreaking havoc while out on the town ... pretty funny stuff.  I also like the commercial that was really quite simple ... Paul Harvey's commentary about farmers which ends with a picture of a Dodge truck.  It brought me back to the days as a child driving around with my parents and hearing ... "and now for the rest of the story."

What did you think?  Any favorites?  Did you think they were good this year, or a bust?