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New Police Program Lowers Crime in NE Roanoke City

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Data Drive Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety, or DDACTS for short, reduced violent crime last year in the Roanoke City Police Department's Zone 2, which is the northeast part of the city, by 75 percent during one period last year.

Roanoke Police Chief Chris Perkins briefed city leaders on the DDACTS initiative Monday morning at a city council workshop.

"It's been very productive for us as far as a business," explained Richard Patsel, store manager at Northwest Hardware on Williamson Road.

"[It's also been productive] for the safety of our customers and employees," Patsel said. 

DDACTS aims to make police more visible in a targeted area, usually by using traffic enforcement, such as running radar.

Statistics show the more visible officers are in that given area, the fewer crimes are committed.

When Roanoke police used the method between the end of last April through June in the northwest part of the city, it resulted in nine arrests, according to police department statistics.

The system worked so well, police said they plan to use it again in a different Roanoke City neighborhood later this year.

Roanoke County Police Chief Howard Hall, a recognized expert in methods including DDACTS, said to expect a regional push using the system to be unveiled in a few months, combining resources from all four police departments in the Roanoke Valley.