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Montgomery County school board asks police to assess school safety

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Whether it is new signs, or an assigned police officer, several agencies in Montgomery County are working together to keep Megabus and Smartway riders from using Falling Branch Elementary in Christiansburg as a pit stop.

"As the knowledge happens with those customers we feel like we are going to see the instances of this happening decrease dramatically," said Brenda Drake, spokeswoman for Montgomery County Schools.

But even with the most recent upgrades, police say two people have already been cited for trespassing, even though at no time did they come in contact with children.

While school system leaders say they are grateful for the temporary solution in place, they are always looking at ways to make their schools safer.

Mark Sisson, Christiansburg Police Chief, says the school board asked his department to help out in each of the county's 22 schools.

"From that meeting there were some recommendations made. Those recommendations were to do an assessment of the schools, and the initial assessment will start at Falling Branch Elementary," said Sisson.

While most doors at the school remain locked, the front door is open during school hours. Locking all of the doors and installing an intercom is one of many options being discussed.

"It's not just a plug and play system that you can install on a door. You have to look at the technology in the building and make sure it can support it. You have to look at the price component and make sure you're going to get the best value for your money," said Drake.

They are working together in an effort to make the safest choice for students here, and be responsible to taxpayers.