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Becky says: Lemmings

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Anytime I work on my "What's Trending @ 10" segment, it never ceases to amaze me what is trending.  Today for example, on Yahoo, the top trending topic - Miley Cyrus and her man broke up.  I get some people care about that - but that many people care??

Twitter is also amusing.  Of course, it's clear once something hits the top-10 trending list, tweeters hop on the bandwagon and add to it.  A few trending topics on twitter today? ... #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope  - at least I get where people got the idea, and it was kinda funny - but man, people. are. bored.  Some topics are completely out of the blue, and there's no sense as to where they came from ... one time I saw something along the lines of #ThingsToTellMyFutureKids.   A topic that didn't match anything major going on around the world, just something someone decided to type and the rest of the twitter world followed.  Lemmings. 

Google seems to have topics that are more reality driven ... such as the new Pope, NFL signing players, and various entertainment stories.   Do I care about all of them?  Not really, but the topics seem to make more sense.

So, in a nutshell, working on "Trending @ 10" gives you a good laugh, while honestly keeping you informed with pretty good articles.   Informative and funny ... not a bad gig.