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Franklin County School Leaders Discuss Alternative Ed Program

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Franklin County School leaders are working together to give at-risk students the alternative education they need to succeed.

"There are kids that have very complicated lives that need additional support or non-traditional support," says Sue Rogers, Franklin County Assistant Superintendent.

The school requested a little more than $105,000 in additional funds for next year's budget. They hope to use the money to create a position, like a guidance counselor or social worker, and to design an alternative education center. The school used to have something similar to alternative education center, called the 'Idea Center,' several years ago, but it was shut down due to budge constraints.

"Long range, we want to put in a academy to address needs at both high school and middle school," says Keith Pennington, Franklin County Curriculum and Instruction Director.

The position they hope to add would have a much smaller number of students to whom to devote more individual time. Right now, guidance counselors have 300 to 350 case loads.

Right now, Franklin County's on-time graduation rate is 85.4 percent. Graduation rates for Montgomery, Bedford, and Lynchburg City also fall in the 80-percentile range. The national drop-out rate is 88 percent.