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Becky says: WOW and I thought my knee looked bad!

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So in my celebrity stalker status with Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods ... I got on both of their Facebook pages to check out the pictures they posted Monday when they announced they are dating.

As perused Lindsey Vonn's Facebook page, I scrolled down to find posts about her crash during the world Super-G competition and found the pic of her legs... holy cow!  I thought my knee looked rough after my ACL reconstruction surgery.  That girl has some serious rehab in front of her!

We have followed her story since the crash and how she plans to be ready for the Olympics next year.  Keep in mind, she tore her anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments and had a hairline bone fracture,   After seeing that picture of her legs - I have a new found respect for her!  I already think she is an unbelievable athlete ... but I will sit in amazement next winter to see her up on the slopes again.

Good luck Lindsey!  I SO can't wait for the winter Olympics.