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Blacksburg Student Skips Recess to Help Kids

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While most of her classmates are playing outside, fourth grader Bevin Blake is collecting coins for a good cause.

"I enjoy that I'm helping children that need help," said Bevin.

Bevin attends Kipps Elementary and is the daughter of Scott Stevens, local radio personality for WPSK. The station just ended their annual radio-thon, which benefits sick children at Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Cathy Brown, the school's guidance counselor, decided to throw in her two cents and help out.

"I've done some charts just to help her out. I've made some suggestions, but this is Bevin's project," said Brown.

"I think once they got old enough to understand that those illnesses are more than just a tummy ache and the flu, that these illnesses could take their life, they both became really passionate," said Stevens.

Once each day, Bevin puts this jug on a scale, weighing loose change from her classmates. Bevin's goal is to collect 107 pounds of coins. So far, the jug is up to just over 31 pounds.

"I think we'll have a pretty good chance because all of the kids at Kipps Elementary are awesome," said Bevin.

The make-shift math project is an alternative to recess Bevin feels will make a difference in the lives of children her age.

"She has to do a lot of math and then at the end she has to do the total for each grade level and then the school," said Brown.

"I think it's great because maybe I'll save some kids," said Bevin.

She is giving up something we all looked forward to as a kid, in an effort to improve and possibly lengthen the life of someone she has never met.