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Southwest Virginia businesses benefit from national TV attention

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"Took us a long time to get this destination on the map and the show helped us do it," says Black Dog Salvage owner, Mike Whiteside. 

If you live in the Roanoke valley, Black Dog Salvage is one of the staples many of us pass by every day. However their show Salvage Dawgs on HGTV is taking the everyday to extraordinary levels says owner Mike Whiteside.  

"Put us on a national stage which is incredible, you can't buy that kind of advertising," says Whiteside. 

Whiteside says people come from everywhere to go to the store, and on some days considers it a tourist attraction in the star city.  

"The sales have been off the charts, our vendors are doing well because of it. It has been a great thing," says Whiteside. 

"It is great for the area. We have already had guests come in and say where in black dog salvage, so they have obviously seen the show," says The Inn on Campbell owner Keith Hummer. 

Cindy and Keith Hummer own The Inn on Campbell is a quiet bed and breakfast in downtown Roanoke. Hoping to see the same success Black Dog Salvage saw with their show, they have also welcomed films crews into their business. For the last few months, quiet turned into moments of chaos as a TV. crew filmed their day to day life for the new show second act.    

"I think it is great for Cindy and I, and the inn but also for downtown"," says Hummer. 

Hummer says the national attention brings folks to the Roanoke area.  Now the hotel viewers saw on TV will be the place they want to stay. 

"It will bring some notoriety I think and it will help with businesses, because we have been through a rough time with the recession and I think it will give the city a bounce too," says Hummer. 

Helping to give the city recognition for all of the great things we pass by every day. Putting Roanoke on the national radar, as a place to visit.