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Major Changes Coming to the GED in 2014

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It's hard to argue that anyone in Southwest Virginia knows the General Educational Development (GED) test as well as Dot Hayes.

She's been the chief GED examiner in the Roanoke Valley for more than 25 years and has almost seen it all.

"There's never been a change like this," she said.

Starting in 2014, the GED will be a computer-based test.

What makes this change significant is that scores won't be carried over when the switch over takes place, meaning anyone who isn't completely finished will lose their progress.

"I want them to feel the urgency to finish," Hayes said of her students. "They may have taken the whole exam and not passed one portion of it and they've been lax in coming back."

The content of the test will also change, switching to more career oriented questions instead of just general education. The cost of the test will more than double from $58 to $120.

Those factors motivated Alex Robinson to finish his GED quickly.

"I'm fresh out of high school so it all came pretty easy," he said.

Robinson plans on enlisting in the military within the next year and wanted to finish his GED before the test changed.

"I don't want to get caught in the bit end of anything that's more difficult than what it is already," he said.

Hayes expects an initial drop in students once the switch over happens, but in the long term, she sees this as a positive change for everyone involved.

"When a person, an adult learner, has a GED certificate it's going to mean something different after 2014."