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Life Out Loud Films announces plans for two more films in SW Virginia

Sara Elizabeth Timmins admits when she first came to Smith Mountain Lake with plans to make a movie, she didn't know what to expect.  Now, three years and two feature length films later, she says he can't imagine life -- or "Life Out Loud Films", her production company -- without Southwest Virginia.

"It's a great landscape and the people are amazing to work with," said Timmins.  "And if you've got those two things coupled with a good story, then you really can't go wrong."

She's enjoyed a strong partnership with the region, where she's found investors and communities willing to let her shoot films like "Lake Effects" and "Wish You Well".  Then on the flip side, her movies have brought exposure to the area and put local businesses and people to work.

"We've tried as much as possible to partner with local colleges and bring in interns to give those people actual experience," said Timmins.  "We also have a local company, Exemplum, which is based out of Blacksburg that's doing all of our visual effects.  Typically, yes, a film would to LA or New York to do that.  So any opportunity we had to do something local, we've been able to use those partnerships."

Timmins says it's been a script for success that there's no point in changing.  That's why she's decided to keep Life Out Loud Films in Southwest Virginia and just announced that she's actively working on two new projects that will be produced locally.  Because they're still in the early stages of development, she couldn't divulge much about them.  But she did have this say.

"They both fall right in line with "Life Out Loud Films'" mission, which is they'll be shot in Virginia, and they'll be inspirational stories," said Timmins.  "They'll also partner with a local foundation, charity, or cause, so we're not only making a film, but making a difference.  And they all have strong female characters."

She says she's excited for what the future holds, not only for her career, but for the region as well - and hopes there will be a lot more lights, cameras, and action for years to come.

"I think it's definitely been surreal, but we don't plan on stopping anytime soon."