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Expect Your Car Tax Bills to Increase

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Expect to pay a little more on your car tax bills this year.

Cities and counties across Southwest and Central Virginia are set to start sending out their vehicle property tax bills soon.

Roanoke City and Roanoke County taxpayers will be paying about five percent more than last year.

In Roanoke County, the state will pay 61.34 percent of your bill, down from 66.21 percent last year.

The difference in the city is similar: 59.89 percent in 2013, 64.75 percent in 2012.

The general assembly passed legislation in 1998 basically promising to phase out the car tax within five years.

In 2001, the state realized it couldn't do that financially, so it froze the amount it paid for each person's car tax at 70 percent.

Starting in 2006, that percentage has been fluctuating every year.