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Franklin County Sheriff's Department Says Synthetic Drug Use is Down

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Synthetic drug issues in Franklin County Public Schools concerned the Sheriff's Department and parents. After months of cracking down on distributors, the sheriff's department is making a difference and seeing what they call a significant decline in synthetic drug use. Great news, says Jenny Perdue, who has a child at Franklin County High School.

"you always want to keep a check on your kids, but it's nice to know it has gone down," Perdue says.

Once one drug is made illegal, Lieutenant Todd Maxey says, often times distributors will change or add a compound. This year the governor signed a bill adding six new compounds to the list, bringing the number of compounds banned to 26. 

"Now with the governor adding more compounds, basically banging illegal substances, it does help us prosecute more of the cases if we found the proper compounds," Maxey says.

But as they work to get one drug off the streets, different ones are knocking on the door. Meth and heroin are creeping into the county, and now they are working to make sure they do not get out of hand. 

"We have increased our enforcement towards these drugs and towards all drugs, so you never know if you have more of it here or are just finding more of it," Maxey says.

The news is shocking, says Perdue. 

"Another conversation with my child, to stay away from these things and the people that use them," she says, and hoping none of those drugs makes it way in the schools, the way synthetic drugs did only a year ago.