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VDOT to Add Blinking Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal to 4 Intersections on Route 419

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Expect to see workers in bucket trucks at four intersections in the next couple of weeks along Electric Road in Roanoke County.

VDOT is adding the blinking yellow arrow traffic signal to left-hand turns on Electric Road at Chaparral Drive, Colonial Avenue, Postal Drive, and Springwood Park Drive near Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

The blinking yellow arrows basically replace the old full yellow circular traffic signals,  meaning it's okay to go as long as you yield to on-coming traffic.

The red and green arrows mean the same.

The solid yellow arrow, which doesn't blink, means the light is about to change.

The system is already up and working at the intersection of Electric Road and Colonial Avenue.

VDOT says it makes the intersections safer, since drivers tend to be more alert when they see the blinking yellow arrow.