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April snow rare, but not unheard of

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Spring officially started two weeks ago, but that did not stop snow from falling in southwestern Virginia in early April.

On April 4th, snow fell with amounts up to three inches in the Highland and Roanoke Valley. The New River Valley saw the most with four to seven inches of snow on the ground before the snow switched to rain. Southside saw up to one inch with areas around Danville and South Boston getting none on the ground.

Snow is rare in April, but not unheard of.

Thursday, Roanoke picked up officially one inch of snow. The last time more than a trace of snow fell in April was in 1993 when 0.3" landed on the ground.

Blacksburg and the New River Valley see April snows a little more frequently. With this storm, Blacksburg picked up 5.4". The last time snow was measured in April was in 2007 when 0.9" fell. The last big April snow was in 1992 when five inches came to the area.

Lynchburg only saw 0.1" of snow with this storm. You have to go back to 1992 to find snowfall in the first full month of spring. 1.4" fell in April of that year.

Danville did not see measurable snow with this storm but did pick up one inch in 1992.