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What is Making us Sick Right Now?

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From snow to 70s, the warmer weather is often a sign that flu season is behind us. But we aren't out of flu season just yet.

"What we are seeing across the state and in this region is Influenza B," says Joel Bashore, a physician assistant with Carilion Clinic.

Tracking flu facts from the Virginia Department of Health, we see a big spike at the beginning of this year's flu season and that we are still seeing more cases this year than last.

Looking at the country, Virginia went from widespread three weeks ago to regional. The downgrade in our cases is a good sign of relief on the way.

If flu didn't get you, Bashore says some other classic sickness symptoms are going around.

"We have seen probably over the last few weeks a small spike in gastrointestinal illnesses, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever," he says.

If you haven't started reaching for your allergy medicine yet, chances are with all of this sunshine and things starting to bloom, you will be by the end of the week.

"If this weather keeps up, anticipate the spring time pollen bloom to hit full force rather quickly," Bashore says.

At Garst Mill Park in Roanoke County, Caylin Shepard and her two children are enjoying the weather and won't let the threat of allergies keep them inside.

"She loves it outside and I don't want to keep them inside because of the allergies either," Shepard says.