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Pulaski County Rebuilds Two Years After Tornadoes

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"April 8 is a day many won't forget," says Pulaski resident Loraine Brown. "I know I won't."

For years, blue tarps covered parts of Pulaski and the sounds of hammers echoed down the street. Brown now looks out into a new neighborhood from her front porch. She was inside her home when it got ripped apart. 

"It is amazing," Brown says. "You used to not be able to look this way with all the trees, and now I can see to the top of Maple Street. What they have done, if it hasn't touched people's hearts, it has to, it really needs to, because they have touched me."

Along with Brown's home, the county fixed 100 homes, 29 completely rebuilt. It was all possible thanks to more than 1,600 volunteers and $973,000 in donations, says county administrator Pete Huber. 

"It has come a tremendous distance," Huber says. "We still have a long way to get, but there has been a tremendous amount of progress. It has been a heartwarming experience."

Huber says Brown's story is a perfect example of how the community came together during a difficult time. Brown not only helped build her home but get other homes ready for families before moving day. 

"I just wanted to be a part of it," Brown says. "I was here when the tornado took my home, and I wanted to build my home. It was nothing but God."

But for many, the story here is seeing a community come together to rebuild a neighborhood, because home is where the heart is.