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Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Examines Nicotine Addiction & Ways to Fight It

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We continue to see more bans on smoking, but for many people, the nicotine in tobacco is an addiction. Roanoke researchers are working together to learn more about nicotine addiction.

"We have a very complex environment," says Dr. Warren Bickel, Addiction Recovery Research Center Director. "You can't smoke everywhere, driving people to look at other ways of consuming tobacco products."

E-cigarettes, nicotine lozenges, and cigarettes are a few of the products scientists are studying, and they hope you can help them.

There are a series of studies a participant may be asked to be a part of over five or six weeks.

"We are going to be evaluating their addictive potential so that we can better understand and inform the FDA about how these different products are more or less likely to cause dependence problems," Bickel says.

Facts from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids show how much everyone pays in Virginia because of smoking, including more than $2 billion in health care costs related directly to smokers.

Bickel and his team hope to find out whether people turning to other products to quit or supplement the habit is really helping.

Addiction Recovery Research Center contact: 540-315-0205.