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College students talk about surviving runaway car

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Amy Guevara and Sean Weis said they should be ghosts.

Guevara, behind the wheel of her 1998 Mazda, and Weis, in the passenger seat, jumped their out of control car at between 30 to 40 miles per hour.

Police believe Guevara either had a stuck accelerator, or her brakes failed.  They're investigating to see what happened.

Both landed in the grassy median of Interstate 81 in the area of mile marker 217 southbound.

Before they bailed out, the car hurtled down Interstate 81, reaching speeds of 110 mph. All the while, Weis was on the phone with a state police emergency dispatcher for around 10 minutes, relaying what they told him to Guevara.

Incredibly, both sustained only minor injuries.

"I was panicking.  I was trying really hard not to freak out," Guevara said.

"I knew I had to stay calm if we were going to be okay," Weis said.

The trooper who finally got the car stopped, by essentially ramming it into a guard rail, sustained a slight concussion and a back injury.

"I knew I had to try and stop it. So I started bumping it... the driver's side front end of it. It hit a guard rail and it spun out.," Trooper C.J. Aikens said.

Aikens will be on light duty until he recovers.