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UPDATE: Taj Mahon-Haft no longer employed at Radford University

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Taj Mahon-Haft Taj Mahon-Haft

9:00 p.m.

Radford University says effective today, Taj Mahon-Haft is no longer an employee at the university.

Joe Carpenter, Radford University Vice-President for University Relations & Chief Communications Officer would not say whether Mahon-Haft was fired or let go, citing the decision being a personnel matter.


6 p.m. 

Radford University student,Amanda Davis says she was in Taj Mahon-Haft's intro to criminal justice classthis semester.

"It was definitelyinteresting, it wasn't what I was expecting on the first day of criminaljustice class" said Davis. "I was shocked, I wasn't expecting thatfrom a teacher to go on and say he had been charged with a felony but neverconvicted. I guess I was really shocked he was even teaching."

Davis is talking about a powerpoint presentation she says he used on the first day of class. The 60 slidepresentation was sent to WSLS by a former student. The slideshow includedhomicide rates, "funny sex laws", and incarceration rates.

Commonwealth Attorney ChrisRehak brought up the PowerPoint presentation during the professor's bondhearing.

"As part of your class,you've never bragged about getting away with crimes have you?" askedRehak.

"I wouldn't saybragged" said Mahon-Haft.

The judge urged Rehak to moveon.

"He's got three slidesabout sex laws and one slide where he brags about being a member of NORML,being arrested 8 times, no convictions and then goes on to explain he still yetbecame a criminal justice professor" said Rehak a few minutes later.

"That's not the nature ofthe slide your honor" said Mahon-Haft.

Rehak said Mahon-Haft had beenin trouble with the law before. Rehak told the court that back in 2001, Mahon-Haft wasaccused of felony drug charges when he was a student at Virginia Tech.  

Mahon-Haft said it was fromAdderall, that he had a prescription for.

Rehak also told the courtMahon-Haft was accused of property damage and failure to appear in court in1997, when he was in high school.

"This is a public safetyissue. I implore the court to think of a more diabolical combination thansomeone who teaches criminal justice to young adults by day and uses bath saltsand collects child pornography at night" said Rehak. 

"I don't believe I have any convictions your honor" Mahon-Haft said at one point during the hearing. 

We tried to talk toMahon-Haft's family and lawyers after the hearing, they had no comment. 

His next court date is set forJune 5th.


12:22 p.m.

A judge denied Taj Mahon-Haft bond and revoked a $10,000 secured bond today in Radford City Circuit Court.

The Radford professor was arrested three separate times in March on multiple drug charges and child pornography charges.

Today, Commonwealth Attorney Chris Rehak introduced PowerPoint slides that Mahon- Haft reportedly showed to his students on the first day of class.

Rehak said he bragged about getting away with crimes, his membership in NORML (a group working to reform marijuana laws) and that he had been arrested eight times.

Mahon-Haft's parents were both in town from out-of-state and testified in court.

His father said he could "potentially" post $1 million bond on behalf of his son if that's what the judge set. Mahon-Haft's mother said she would come live with her son in Radford if the judge requested it as part of the bond requirements.

His next court date is set for June 5th.  Mahon-Haft's parents and defense attorney did not want to comment after the hearing.