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Boston Marathon Explosion Kills 3 & Leads to Changes in Local Race

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It was the sound no one expected to hear at the Boston Marathon. Two explosions rattled spectators and runners. So far, officials have reported three people were killed and more than 140 people were sent to the hospital.

David Tingler from Salem was one of the many that crossed the finished line.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected, and it is a very sad world we live in and a sad situation," Tingler says.

Luckily, Tingler is okay. You can see in the video the first explosion went off at four hours and nine minutes. Tingler crossed the finish line a hour before.

"The scary thing is my wife and friends who were traveling with us were a few store fronts down from where the explosion happened," Tingler says. "Thank God I finished before that."

We did some digging on the Boston Marathon roster and found more than 25 people from southwest Virginia ran the race. Many of those we made contact with and say they're thankful to be okay. Pam Rickard lost cell phone service when officials shut down cell phone towers to prevent a wireless detonation, but told us in a Facebook message, "I am ok, just heartbroken. I want to go help but know I can't". 

For some in our area who have run the marathon before, including John Carlin, the images are difficult to watch on TV.

"First shock, horror, and then you put yourself in that place," Carlin says.

Carlin is one of the co-chairs for the Blue Ridge Marathon going on this weekend. Coming on the heels of the Boston Marathon, organizers are making changes to the race. 

"Now we feel like after what has gone on in Boston we have the additional responsibility to work with police to do whatever extra we need to do," Carlin says.

They are working together with Roanoke City Police to have extra officers and EMTs for security reasons, something Carlin says they have not had to think of before.

"You are thinking about dehydration and things particular to runners, not terrorist attacks or bombs," Carlin says.

Carlin says he hopes nothing tragic will happen at Saturday's race and along with many others is looking forward to everyone from the area making it back home, safe and sound.


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