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Virginia Tech 'Dino Dig' on augmented reality app

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As we get closer to Earth Day, several art groups at Virginia Tech are bringing area kids and their families some unique opportunities to learn about pre-historic creatures.

Before the "Dinosaur Petting Zoo" begins this weekend, kids can enjoy a DinoDig, which is a scavenger hunt with a technology twist.

The idea is for kids to take on the role of a paleontologist by using a location-based augmented reality app.

The app Virginia Tech chose to design their DinoDig is called FreshAiR. It was created by Radford professor, Matt Dunleavy, and former Radford students, David Payne and Daniel Burgess.

The app allows you to interact with the environment around you. You can use the camera on your smart phone almost as a lens to hover over different objects at various locations and then learn more about them.

There has to have been a specific augmented reality map already designed for it to work. The DinoDig has done just that.

This Sunday kids will use the app to navigate through the tech-hunt. They'll learn about different dinosaur-related facts when they hold the camera over the display. The hunt will take about 30 minutes and is less than a mile of walking distance.

The idea is for the kids to experience their surroundings in a new way. Each stop includes a challenge or trivia question on the app to earn virtual dinosaur bones and clues about the next location.

You can download FreshAiR for free on Androids or iPhones.

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