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Police finding more heroin

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Police across the region confirm they're seeing a "change over" from illegally obtained prescription drugs, like OxyContin, to heroin.

Sources say the price is behind the change.

While one pill of a form of Oxy might cost up to 60 dollars, one hit of heroin usually costs 20 dollars, police say.

Law enforcement sources say they're now starting to see heroin in places where they really never saw it before, such as Botetourt County.

They're also starting to see more of it in places where they used to only see a little, like Bedford County.

Patrol officers are initiating many heroin investigations as the result of traffic stops or disturbance calls.

Roanoke County patrol officers for example have already had 11 cases of heroin since January 1st, whereas they saw 20 cases all of last year.

WSLS 10's Scott Leamon will have more at 5 p.m. in a live report.