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Faith Christian School helps non-profits across the valley

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One local school spent their Friday giving back to their community.

From first grade students washing cars, to 8th graders helping build cabinets - more than 600 students, parents, teachers and staff from Faith Christian School helped out 7 Roanoke Valley organizations. It's all part of what they call "Project Faith" - something the students say they look forward to every year.

"It's nice to help out other people, who don't have the opportunity to do certain things we are able to. It's just nice to give back to community," said Norah Mulinda, from Faith Christian School.

And that's the lesson school leaders hope these students will take away from this day of service. No matter how young they are.

"They need to look outside themselves. We have organizations in the valley we can serve," says School Headmaster Sam Cox.

For the non-profits, it's an opportunity to finish projects - things they may not otherwise have had the time or resources to do. At Manna Ministries, Director Greg Elliott says the organization has been working to renovate their building in Vinton; so having the students pitch in is a big help.

"It's huge. We would have never been able to do this. They're our anchor, our rock on getting this done."

And from Manna Ministries to Act 2 Ministry in downtown - leaders say by working together, these non-profits can make even more of a difference.