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Roanoke gas station drops price for customers

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Some deals are too good to be true, but in this case $1.99 for a gallon of gas was too good to pass up. Rick Foley passes this Exxon station on 419 in Roanoke every day. 

"It is super for this place, everybody needs a break these days with everything going up," says Foley.

He says to fill up his truck usually costs $105 plus. You can understand why paying $1.99 would make him happy. 

"$56.38 almost $49 savings, that is sweet," says Foley. 

K.C. Wilder had 3/4 of tank, but couldn't resist the good deal. It has been a long time since she has seen gas this low. 

"I swear it had to be before I moved down here and that has to be eight or 10 years ago," says Wilder. 

The sign wasn't wrong, and it wasn't a glitch in the system. John Newton, the president of Petroleum Marketers Inc. the company that owns all of the Stop In gas stations, purposely dropped the prices. 

"Gas has been extremely high, we are very sensitive to it so figured that reward our customers," says Newton. 

Every so often, one of the stop in stations, for a brief period of time drops the price of gas. Newton says within minutes, the station is jammed packed with people and traffic backed up down the road. 

"Usually they are not happy buying gasoline because it is expensive for all of us. It is nice to see people smiling pumping the gas," says Newton. 

Like Wilder, who smiled ear to ear when she was done filling up. 

"$8, that is awesome," says Wilder. 

And many hope to see the deals continue, and in return are thankful for the nice gesture. 

"You just don't get nice things happening to you for now reason," says Wilder.