Montgomery Co. non profit thrift store sees early success after move


Shoppers scoured the new showroom at the *Thrift Store and More," run by the Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program.

"I like the area. It's not real crowded. The building is big inside," said Janet Harris.

The store's only been open at the location a little more than month,  but the recent move may just be paying off for needy families in the New River Valley.

During its first month on Radford Road, profits more than doubled. Typically the thrift store brings in an average of about $4,000 per month. In April, it took in close to $9,500. Workers are all volunteers, so the only expense, is rent and utilities, which is about $1,700 per month.

"You can get financial assistance. So the money that we make here is where that financial assistance comes from and they can and they can have help with their electric bill, their water bill, any of their utilities," said Margie Vitale.

Store leaders say there is more space here for shoppers and visibility is about to improve with new signs. One shopper says  he actually never went inside the old thrift store because he simply couldn't find a parking spot. But shoppers here say that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

"The first time I came into the store was actually at this location," said Mike Lee.

"You got more space to park. It's not crowded when you're getting out of your car," said Harris.

It is a move only a mile away, with what appears to be a much larger impact in the community.

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