What happens to your heart when you drink an energy drink?


What happens to the heart when we drink an energy drink?

We did an unscientific test with the help of Carilion Clinic's Dr. Shelby Dickerson to see what,  if any effect we would see on an ECG machine.  Our own Karen McNew got a baseline reading, after twenty four hours without caffeine.  Then, I drank a ten ounce, single serving energy drink.  When we tested my heart rate twenty minutes later, it was actually a little bit slower.

Dr. Dickerson explains, "Many people drink coffee, tea, or other caffeine beverages.  If someone would drink several energy drinks in rapid succession, there might the possibility of some side effects due to excess caffeine."

Keep in mind some of those larger cans have 2 servings per can.  There are some ingredients in energy drinks that we don't know much about, because there hasn't been a lot of research conducted.

We are not recommending or endorsing any energy drinks, we just wanted to see what would happen during our test.

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