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Police see "change over" from Oxycontin to heroin

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Heroin seizures are up in Roanoke. Heroin seizures are up in Roanoke.

Area police sources say they've been seeing it a lot over the past 12 to 18 months, a "change over" in drug addicts from Oxycontin to heroin.

Police sources say the change over is mainly due to price, with heroin is actually becoming cheaper, and accessibility.

The state and federal governments have dried up the supply of Oxy by passing stricter laws over the years.

Roanoke police provided these stats on heroin seizures:

  • 2010:  3,590 packs
  • 2011:  3,914
  • 2012:  3,398
  • 2013 (thru April 23rd):  3,675

Roanoke County traditionally sees far fewer heroin users, but this year they're up 120 percent compared to 2012.

In 2012, they had 20 heroin seizures.

So far in 2013, they've had 11 seizures (through April 22nd).

Officers also say, it's the patrol division making most of these arrests.

Several police sources say they're finding heroin during traffic stops, disturbance calls, and well-being checks.