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Roanoke's Strawberry Festival works around Elmwood Park renovations

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Usually the strawberry festival is inside Elmwood Park, but the only thing in there is dirt and construction equipment, so it took some shuffling around. 

"Any new location is a challenge because you have never done it before, but we were excited to have the use of the library and more open space . Overall in terms of moving it has been great," says Minchi Hines with the Community School. 

It is the same festival, filled with strawberries and whipped cream, but just in front of the library this year. 

Along with other festivals typically held in Elmwood Park, they have to go somewhere else because of renovations. Something the community school added this year to help keep up with the demand; a substation at the market building and it proved to be a hit. 

"Everybody seems to be happy," says Hines. 

Jane Vigeau drove from Lynchburg and says she was surprised to drive into town and not see the festival its usual location. Parking proved to be difficult. 

"A little more getting used to the parking," says Vigeau 

But the actual festival appeared to be spread out more says Vigeau. 

"I like it. It seems like it is lot more vendors and things to do on this side then previous years," says Vigeau. 

But organizers and strawberry connoisseurs say they are looking forward to being back inside Elmwood Park next year. 

"With the improvement the city is making, it will be awesome so we are really excited," says Hines. 

"I miss the old location, this is nice, but will be nice till they finish the other side," says Vigeau.