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Terry McAuliffe Starts 3-Day Tour in Roanoke While Ken Cuccinelli Reveals Tax Plan

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Candidates in Virginia's Governor's race were back on the campaign trail Tuesday.

For Democrat Terry McAulliffe, Roanoke was his first stop on a three-day tour of the Commonwealth.

He focused on the need to change our SOL testing system, the value of community colleges, and claimed that, if elected, he would accept the medicaid expansion from the federal government. We caught up with him after his speech to talk about his biggest goal, should he become our next governor, which he said was "putting jobs first. It is all about economic development. It is all about creating jobs. ... We have a stressed economy. We have been the recipient of federal dollars. Sequestration is here for this year, and maybe next year. It is going to be a one-two punch to Virginia. We need a governor who is going to diversifying creating new jobs."

On the Republican side, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli revealed his plan to cut taxes if elected. He proposes cutting corporate taxes by one-third and off-setting them by closing a broad range of tax exemptions and incentives. Cuccinelli added he won't repeal the transportation reform that was passed this year, even though he opposed it.