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Jonathan Agee Sentencing Hearing

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Jonathan Agee Jonathan Agee

The former Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy charged with murdering his wife and shooting a Virginia state trooper will have to wait another night to learn his fate.

Jonathan Agee was in court Tuesday for a joint sentencing hearing which will start up again Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

An expert on how long-term steroid use impacts the brain will give his take on Agee's case in a taped examination.

Agee took the stand on Tuesday afternoon. He claimed he couldn't really remember killing his ex-wife, Jennifer Agee, but he did say Jennifer pushed him to the brink over a custody dispute for one of their two daughters. He also claimed he didn't intend to shoot former state trooper Matt Brannock, and wanted two other state troopers to kill him a few moments later.

Now-former Virginia State Trooper Matt Brannock said he was certain his patrol car had become his coffin as Jonathan Agee fired up to 20 rounds at him after a crash on Memorial Day in 2011 near the Dixie Caverns exit, southbound, on I-81.

Brannock said he was trapped inside the car.

He escaped out of his passenger side door.

Brannock got shot twice; fragments entered his leg, and a bullet is still lodged near his pelvis.

Brannock said he still thinks about the shooting every day.

He said he feels guilty because he never returned fire, although attorneys on both sides said his handgun would have been totally ineffective since he was such a great distance from Agee's position.

Agee had a sniper rifle.

Prosecutors also played video and audio of the entire chase from a camera mounted on Jonathan Agee's Franklin County Sheriff's Office squad car.

Agee previously entered no contest pleas to the murder of his ex-wife Jennifer Agee, and the shooting of Brannock back on Memorial Day 2011.  A judge previously found Agee guilty on both charges.