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Jonathan Agee sentenced to 3 life terms in prison

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6:30 p.m.

by Scott Leamon

The family of Jennie Agee declined comment after the hearing.

The family's attorney said earlier this week they're doing about as well as can be expected during this difficult time.

Former state trooper Matt Brannock said he was overall satisfied with the sentence, just not quite ready to totally move on.

"I think it'll be on down the road before I can define it as closure," Brannock said.  "But each day I get a little closer to that."

Moments before he sentenced Agee, Judge Charles Dorsey recognized both Brannock and state police sergeant Becky Curl, one of the troopers who shot Agee, for their bravery during on that Memorial Day 2011.

11:53 a.m.

From Scott Leamon, WSLS reporter at the courthouse

Judge sentenced Jonathan Agee to three life terms, plus eleven years in prison.


11:10 a.m.

From Scott Leamon, WSLS reporter at the courthouse

Day two of the murder and shooting sentencing for Jonathan Agee is in a break.

This morning (Wednesday) a steroid expert from Harvard Medical School testified.  Dr. Harrison Pope said in his medical opinion, if Agee had not been taking steroids, then he would not have killed his ex-wife, Jennifer Agee.

Both the Commonwealth's Attorneys for Roanoke and Montgomery County then gave their closing arguments.  Both Don Caldwell (Roanoke) and Mary Pettitt (Montgomery Co.) both called for Agee to receive life in prison.

Agee's defense attorney argued that the judge should leave open the possibility that Agee could leave prison later in life.  Virginia still has a geriatric parole option for convicted criminals when they reach a certain age.

I'll have a full wrap from court tonight on WSLS starting at 5:00 p.m.