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Botetourt County Begins Cleaning up After Flooding

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Heavy rain brought flooded roads and rising waters to the town of Buchanan the last few days. Jackie Harbaugh says she will sleep well tonight, knowing the James River is finally going down.

"I live on Lowe Street. We kept going out on the deck to peek at the river, and thank God the water didn't come that way," she says.

Folks made their way to the river to look for signs things were getting back to normal. Water no longer lapped on the gazebo and you could see grass along the banks.

"We always watch the side of that tree to see if you can see that sign," Harbaugh says.

Fire Chief John Manspile says he hopes to get back to his normal routine.

"It is a sigh of relief for me, and the guys, too," Manspile says. "Maybe they will get a good night's sleep and not have to be out so much, and we can go back to the normal routine of running normal calls."

It was a tough 24 hours for the all-volunteer department. Besides dealing with flooded roads and clearing trees, some stayed up most of the night after part of Route 11 collapsed because of the flood waters. Manspile was one of them.

"There were concerns for me as chief to be able to get units on that side of town," Manspile says.

Working together with other agencies to answer calls, Buchanan was able to weather the storm, and rise above any damage that crossed their path.