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Chef Steve: Chicken Katsu

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Don't let the title scare you. I'm not one of those chefs that believe "if it ain't spicy you ain't cookin'." But I do believe in bold flavors. I also believe that flavors have to balance in any dish you cook. They should be vibrant and soulful. But enough of that…

Let's talk about Chicken Katsu. I first had this dish at Grace's Inn in Honolulu when I lived there in the '90s. A friend took me there on my day off after surfing Diamond Head. As is my custom as a chef, whenever I go to a new restaurant I ask the server what is the best thing on the menu. Before I even finished the sentence, the words "Chicken Katsu" came out of her mouth. At that time I didn't realize that I was about to have a life-altering experience.

Chicken Katsu is a Japanese-style panko fried chicken cutlet that is served with a sauce made with Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and the old culinary multi-tasker ketchup! Here is the recipe!


Chicken Breasts 8 ea, 3oz

Flour 2 cups, all purpose

Eggs 6 ea, beaten

Panko 3 cups

Peanut Oil as needed

Ginger 2", fresh, minced

Garlic 4 cloves, minced

Ketchup 2 cups

Sake 3 cups

Mirin 1 cup

Soy Sauce ¼ cup

Worcestershire Sauce 1/3 cup

Sugar ¾ cup + as needed

Slurry as needed (equal parts cornstarch & water)

• First, make the sauce by combining the ginger, garlic, ketchup, sake, mirin, soy sauce, Worcestershire and sugar in a sauce pot.

• Cook on medium until sauce is reduced by half.

• Use slurry to thicken slightly.

• Next, prepare your breading station with the flour, eggs and panko

• Take each piece of chicken and dip into each station in order.

• Pan-fry the breaded chicken.

• Let rest for 5 minutes.

• Slice chicken in ½" strips and serve with the sauce and rice.

Now, Grace's Inn served their Chicken Katsu with Chow Fun (wide, flat Chinese rice noodles). I like to serve mine with a couple of scoops of steaming white rice and a scoop of macaroni salad. When you serve it this way the Hawaiians call this a plate lunch.

The plate lunch is really popular concept in Hawaii. The best thing about it is that you get a ton of food for just a little bit of money. As long as you include the noodles or rice and mac salad you can place any meat on it you want like mahi-mahi, shoyu chicken or BBQ short ribs.

Needless to say, Grace's Inn became a regular food spot for me while I lived in Honolulu.

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