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Becky says: Summer Camp ideas

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Throughout the month of May, our "Out and About" segment has a fun theme for summer ... Backyard Adventures.  It's all about finding free, or inexpensive, things you can do with your kids.

We've found outdoor fun at the Discovery Center on top of Mill Mountain, and geocaching at our Virginia State Parks.  We also will head indoors to test our art skills at the Taubman Museum of Art and our flat footing skills at Billy's Flea Market Music Jamboree in Bassett.

In our search - we also found lots of fun things both free, and those with cost, that we wanted to share ... so here's my list so far.  And don't forget, there are plenty of counties who offer summer camps - just Google/Yahoo/Bing search the county you are interested in!

I think most, if not all, of these involve day camps or a few hours a day.  Again, if you search online ... you can also find quite a few overnight camps as well.

Virginia State Parks Geocaching: or read VSP's blog at

Billy's Flee Market Jamboree in Bassett: 276-629-4114 (Billy Shelton)
6766 Fairystone Park Hwy
Bassett, VA 24055

Roanoke's Discovery Center:

Taubman Museum's Art Ventures:

KIVA - Kid's in the Valley Adventuring:

Kid's Tech University:

Macaroni Kid:

Southwest VA Family Fun:

Girls Rock Roanoke:

Lowe's Build and Grow:

Home Depot:

Virginia Museum of Transportation:

YMCA Summer Camp:

Eleven-One Recreational Summer Soccer Camps

Again, I found plenty of area counties who run summer camps and classes ... just hop online and search the county you are interested in!

Happy soon-to-be Summer!