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Blacksburg Tech Company Developing Drug to Fight Superbug

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A company right here in our area is working to fight the superbug threat.

Josh Bryson is the Chief Scientific Officer for the technology company Techulon in Blacksburg.

He's part of a group of Virginia Tech graduates who are developing a drug to treat superbugs like staph infections.

"I think most people know someone who's gone to the hospital and it's resulted in a nasty, somewhat drug-resistant staph infection, and there's even more resistant strains that have evolved recently," Bryson says.

The product will also treat other drug-resistant infections, which Bryson says is a growing problem in general. Right now, superbugs are creating $30 billion in health care costs a year, leaving people in hospitals for up to three weeks for treatment, and causing 100,000 deaths a year.

The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency is validating Techulon's work by giving them an additional $1.75 million to help continue their research.

"There couldn't be a better endorsement from an agency," Bryson says.