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Roanoke County Police Targeting Tailgaters

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Roanoke County police are targeting tailgaters - drivers to following too close. Tailgating has been one of the leading causes of crashes in Roanoke County.

Police say you should be at least two seconds behind the car in front of you, but drivers like Pam Poe say they're seeing a lot of dangerous drivers.

"I've noticed a lot of it coming down 419," Poe says. "There was a car behind me, I couldn't even see the tag on the front of their car they were that close."

"If we've been driving for any length of time, we've been tailgated and it's also unfortunately safe to say if we've been driving for some time, we may have tailgated others," said Sgt. Tim Wyatt, the Roanoke County Police traffic coordinator.

Wyatt says they're cracking down all over the county but will pay close attention to the areas with the worst offenders: Electric Road, especially in front of Tanglewood Mall; Challenger Avenue; and Brambleton Avenue, which are three of the leading locations for tailgating crashes.

Last year in Roanoke County, there were 242 crashes blamed on tailgating. Police say it's usually the No. 1 or 2 cause of crashes in the county.

Police are getting additional training on what to spot before they start writing tickets. They say they want people to be aware of how close they are to other cars.

"In the end," Wyatt said, "if they don't follow that advice or warning, we're going to be issuing a lot more tickets for it."

"When I have my grandchildren in the car with me, it really scares me because if I get rear-ended, my youngest granddaughter's going to get hurt," Poe said. I wish they'd stop it, I really do."

Roanoke County Police say they will continue watching for tailgaters throughout the summer. It's a $30 ticket.