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Christiansburg Police Officer Recalls Shooting at Agee in 2011 Shootout

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Investigators admit they can't be sure, but they believe it's possible the actions of Christiansburg police captain Chris Ramsey might have saved Matt Brannock's life on Memorial Day 2011, or at least helped prevent a gun battle with Jonathan Agee.

Ramsey was on the opposite side of the Interstate, near exit 118, that day when he shot into Agee's car.

Investigators say it's possible Agee was on the way to engage Brannock again after putting 20 rounds into Brannock's state police cruiser a few moments earlier.

"I made the decision [that I was] going to engage [Agee] as he drives away," Ramsey said.  "When I actually started shooting he sped up."

Agee received a prison sentence of three life terms plus eleven years on Tuesday.

Brannock retired from state police and now works for Martinsville Speedway.