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Sunken City Brewery Opens Its Doors in Franklin County

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The beer is flowing at Sunken City Brewery. After years of planning, owner Jerome Parnell's dream to open a brewery in Franklin County has come true. 

"We have a showcase to come visit; it is a destination at a destination," Parnell says.

And it has folks like Deb Beran excited. 

"We have been drinking it for three or four years, so it is great to have someone local, the roots here and I think it is going to be great for the area," Beran says.

The Moneta area of Franklin County is known for Smith Mountain Lake, which brings in tourists every summer to enjoy what the area has to offer. 

Cheryl Ward, with the Chamber of Commerce, says, unfortunately, other times of the year, like winter, things are quiet and there aren't as many things to attract folks to the area.

"We have certain times during the year we don't get tourist attraction, and a lot of people do not come to the lake during the winter," Ward says.

She, and others, hopes the brewery will change that with their offering of tastings five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, year round.   

"With this being open all the year long, it is just another place for people to visit when they come here to the lake," Ward says.

Parnell wanted it that way, and hopes to draw crowds, even when folks aren't out on the lake. 

"Craft beer drinkers actually travel around to visit breweries, so we think we will tap into the craft beer drinkers and tourists, and the lake is a great marketing back drop," Parnell says.