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Franklin County students, parents protest possible cuts

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Franklin County students and parents were protesting against possible program cuts.

Josh Taylor is an eighth grader in Franklin County. He wants to continue playing football as a freshmen next year.

"It keep my grades up and keeps me focused on doing the right things" said Taylor.

He was with his dad and other students and parents today protesting.

They're concerned because a budget shortfall means some Franklin County programs are in jeopardy-- like middle school and ninth grade sports.

"It gives them the incentive to do better, to go higher, to go on and be productive people in the community" said Whitey Taylor.

Other possible eliminations, according to school board member Crystal Naff, the talented and gifted program  and their place in the governor's school.

"They have research opportunities. They have field trips to universities and schools in their technical and robotics departments. They get to see things they would not get to see if they have math and science in Franklin County High School" said Kathleen Osborne, a parent who feels the county should have raised real estate taxes two-cents on every one hundred dollars to make up the difference

"For a $100,000 homeowner, that's $20 a year. That's one dinner out and that's disgusting that they could not approve that amount of money for our children" said Osborne.

Naff says they could avoid some of these tough decisions if the county gives them about  one and a half million dollars in one-time money.