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Bryan Lawrence Performs a Special Wedding Ceremony

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Former Roanoke City Police Officer Bryan Lawrence is using his faith to help others in the community. It's been five years since he was partially paralyzed after he was attacked while trying to arrest a man in Roanoke.

After a long rehabilitation process to be able to walk, he returned home less than six months after his attack.

Fox 21/27 was invited to a special wedding ceremony Monday morning with a touching connection to his continued healing.

Tylor Winfield got home Friday from Army boot camp and by now he is about to share his first dinner with his new wife Shanan. The weather couldn't have been better for the Monday morning wedding at Hotel Roanoke.

Lawrence, who has been a minister for Cave Rock Baptist Church in Troutville for about two years, presided over the ceremony. Tylor's mom is one of Lawrence's physical therapists.

"I have had to have additional surgeries but I am still upright and walking," Lawrence says.

"The military is willing to give their lives. Bryan is paying the rest of his life for protecting us. It is very special," says Tylor's dad, John.

This is a special day for everyone to enjoy, before the packing begins. Tylor and Shanan leave for Fort Hood, Texas, in 10 days.

"From there he may be going to Afghanistan," Lawrence says. "I am very proud of him. We pray for all of our service men and women serving overseas."

"We are very proud of my son. We are proud of Bryan," says Tylor's mom, Donna." Everything came together. It just feels really good and right."

"I saw him and I just knew he was the one," says Shanan. "We started talking and I just fell in love with him."

"We are going to get as much done as we can," Tylor says. "I am going to make her as happy as I can."

The smiles you see for the cameras here are genuine. This day of new beginnings is full of meaning for everyone.