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Brannock Family Talks About Recovery After Memorial Day 2011 Shooting

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Former Virginia State Trooper Matt Brannock, along with his wife Mandy, sat down with us Monday to talk about how the family is recovering following Memorial Day 2011, when Jonathan Agee shot Brannock twice in the leg.

The Brannocks talked about how the shooting impacted them, as well as their children.

The couple's eldest son is 10. Their daughter is only 6.

For about a year after the shooting, Matt Brannock had to sleep on the family sofa. His kids slept on the floor beside him.

Mandy said if her husband was even a few minutes late from getting home from work, the kids would burst into tears.

Matt now works for the Martinsville Speedway.

For a time following the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut, the Brannocks' daughter refused to go to school.

Mandy said her daughter literally made herself sick with worry.

"She can recall [her father's shooting] like it was yesterday," Mandy said. "She [was] sick with worry and anxiety.  Momma counselor had to take over.... When we drop her off at school we tell her she's safe."

Mandy was a professional social worker when the family lived in the Roanoke Valley.

The Brannocks said their daughter is back in school and improving.